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Pregnancy Series – My First Trimester 

  • November 2, 2019
  • By Carly Neave


*Blog Written September 3rd, 1st Trimester *

*Image above from week 17, 2nd Trimester*

Whilst only my nearest and dearest know right now, I wanted to start writing this diary as the weeks go on so I remember how I was feeling at the time and hopefully, I can help with a few little bits of advice here and there for anyone on a similar timeline!

It’s not been a bad 1st trimester… I found out super early on and time does feel like it’s going incredibly slowly leading up to that 12-week scan but it’s fair to say my body has reacted relatively well. It’s been an exceedingly tiring few weeks since about week 5, (I’m often scouting for a comfy bed or sofa come 4pm) and it’s as if someone has sucked out every last bit of energy from me with my legs as heavy as totem poles. It’s currently 8.20 pm and I’m ready for my Pj’s! 

 {Side note – as I upload this blog 17 weeks in, I can confirm that hasn’t changed – I was fast asleep by 8.15 last night!} 

Morning Sickness

I’ve managed to stay clear of it in the physical sense without my head down the loo (feeling very thankful for that) but most mornings have been a very queasy start until I get food into me pronto! It feels exactly like you’re going to be sick, saliva building, need to sit-down type-thing but fortunately, I found that a quick high-sugar morning smoothie sorted me out almost every time. In a weird way, it also feels so good to drink what I know is a huge hit of goodness for the baby because as Jack describes it – it’s all going straight into his/her belly! 

My go-to recipe tended to be;

1 Frozen banana 

Handful of frozen mixed berries

1/3 Avocado

1 scoop of chocolate vegan protein powder (so I wasn’t consuming only sugar!) 

Large handful of fresh baby spinach 

Oat or Almond Milk 

Lots of ice

If I’m completely honest, for most of my 1st trimester, I wondered whether little button was really in there! You’re obviously told you’re pregnant, but beyond that, you’re really just left hoping everything is okay for the first 3 months. I learned to picture a huge stop sign in my head every time I thought about miscarriage because I didn’t want to allow my mind and thoughts to divulge into the scenarios surrounding it. I think we’re pretty much masters at creating these elaborate stories in our heads that have never happened and it’s not helpful in the slightest and if anything it could lead to increased stress and have a negative impact. 

Food Cravings

Food-wise I didn’t think I was strongly craving specific foods but now after a few weeks of eating a lot of brown meals and a lot of smoothies, that was probably a slight oversight! The best way to describe my food cravings is simple choices and a LOT of beige! I’m reaching for pasta, cereal, toast with marmite, crisps and dip, bread with guac – not necessarily super unhealthy foods but certainly not as colourful as my usual dishes. A fillet of seabass with a side of veg is not even slightly appealing to me right now but give me all the risotto and linguini and I’m good as gold. Lots of cheeses, (quite a few sweets!) and more fruit than I’ve ever eaten in my life! I swear most days I’m having the colour of the rainbow on my fruit plate alone; in particular craving exotic fruits like mangoes, pineapples, nectarines, kiwis – all super sweet and packed full of goodness. These have actually been a godsend in terms of getting quality nutrition in and enjoying it too. 

Oh, the vino!

I’m going to be completely honest in the hope that I don’t sound totally wine obsessed … I’ve found this VERY hard! My mum said when she was pregnant with me, even the smell of wine made her feel sick but I haven’t been so fortunate to adopt the same sense! For me, wine has been such a huge part of my social life and enjoyment with incredible food and beautiful settings with friends. I’ve been in Mallorca for the past two weeks so I’ve found it really difficult to not have the option of a glass of rosé at lunch. Difficult in the sense that it’s a change of habit, a behaviour I’ve had for the last 8 years or so, but not difficult in the choice. For me, I won’t be touching alcohol for certainly my first and second trimester. Maybe there’ll be a celebratory glass of champagne in the last but I need to do some more reading on that!

Working out 

I touch on this below in terms of what I’m currently doing, but it’s actually laughable how much first getting pregnant impacted my ability to do cardio! Honestly, I felt as if I had never run more than 100 metres in my life when I first tried to do a little sprint session. I’ve since been advised by my OB to stay away from my HIT sessions and enjoy this time exercising but more gently which was difficult to accept at the start because I know how much my body fat and eating habits fluctuate when I’m not in a good fitness routine, however, I’m learning to adapt. Many of my 1st Trimester workout sessions were controlled strength work with weights and bands and as much walking as possible. 

Back problems 

The other quite significant trouble has been my back. Those that have followed me for a while will know I have pretty severe scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) which is both curved to the right at about a 46-degree angle and rotated inwards. It’s going to be an interesting journey and I’m just trying to trust in my body that it will allow me to keep it strong and support me during the pregnancy, but there’s certainly been a lot of soreness and a sensation that it might be shifting slightly over the last 3 weeks. The latter is hopefully in my mind alone! I’m staying as strong as I can, getting to the gym 3-4 times a week and I’m going to be doing a lot more back work to get those muscles stronger than ever. I do believe a positive mindset with actionable habits can overcome most things. 

Social Media …

I am trying to contain my excitement a little, especially on my social media because I realise not everyone is interested or into the baby thing. I don’t want to overload with posts about it, but inside, it’s the only thing I want to talk about! I’m so incredibly happy and can’t wait for button to grow, to find out the gender and to feel the first kick! I’m now 17 weeks and will be doing a 2nd-trimester post nearer the end along with updates along the way! 

If you have any questions or comments, drop me a message below or on my IG page, would love LOVE to hear from you!

Until the gender reveal!

Carly xxx

By Carly Neave, November 2, 2019 Hello and welcome! I'm Carly, originally from London but currently enjoying a little adventure in Dubai. A travel and wellness blogger exploring the world one step at a time. Think fabulous food at undiscovered gems, unique destinations, skin care obsessions and so much more. This is my life, I hope you enjoy the ride!
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  • Nicole
    March 23, 2020

    Thank you for this blog it is so helpful and makes me feel better that someone is feeling the exact same way as I am!

  • Jessica Atkinson
    December 27, 2019

    Hi Carly – I am a huge fan of this post. Finally something real and you. I use to follow on Instagram but have left because you post too much about things you get for free and sponsored posts. I was hopping you would continue blogging but again you mostly post when there is a Collab. I hope you post more real blog posts and be who you are with less curated stories. Please be authentic again, we need more of that.
    Jess xx

    • Carly Neave
      January 5, 2020

      Hi Jess,

      Thanks for your comment and Happy New Year lovely :)

      To your first point, I’m so glad you liked the blog. You’re totally right in saying that my blog updates fell quite a bit. Instagram took over (and still does take majority of my time and effort) because I guess it’s where most people connected and connect with me. Blog comments are much rarer nowadays compared to IG messages sadly.

      With regards to sponsored posts … this is such a difficult balance. I’m sorry you felt like there were too many of them, I really try to make an effort to ensure there’s a balance and it’s only a small % of my content. From my side, working with brands and promoting the products that I love and enjoy is how I make my living and what enables me to stay on social media and run this blog, so whilst I understand there needs to be a fine-tuned balance (and appreciate the feedback), I’d ask that anyone who enjoys my content would also be happy in supporting me with what I do for a living, as long as it always stays genuine which I hope you feel it does.

      Carly x

  • Minnni
    November 6, 2019

    Congratulations! Love the post and agree totally about the Vino part. Did you drink coffee or green tea during your first trimester? I’m really missing my Nespresso a day but not sure if I need to wait till trimester 2 or buy decaf.

    • Carly Neave
      January 5, 2020

      Hi lovely!

      So sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I did drink coffee yes, but it was decaf and only once a day. Same goes for now really. I’ll allow myself two cups of decaf tea each day too – I’d miss it too much if I didn’t but it’s just a personal choice. Nespresso do decaf pods and for me it tastes just as good so worth giving that a try :) xx

  • Victoria Burrows
    November 2, 2019

    Congratulations! I wish I had written a journal throughout my pregnancy, it truly does fly by! Enjoy every second 💗

  • Sophie
    November 2, 2019

    Loved reading this post. Congratulations on little button.
    I too am expecting (15 wks today). I related to everything you describe in your post, from the long 12 wk wait to find out if it’s a baby or a food baby to the beige food diet (which is so unlike me being veggie) & the tiredness and back ache. Despite that sounding like a drag, i am loving it as are you it seems.
    Looking forward to following you on this journey, it’s a magical time. Much love xXx

Carly Neave

Hello and welcome! I'm Carly, originally from London but currently enjoying a little adventure in Dubai. A travel and wellness blogger exploring the world one step at a time. Think fabulous food at undiscovered gems, unique destinations, skin care obsessions and so much more. This is my life, I hope you enjoy the ride!

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Hi, I'm Carly!
A travel and wellness blogger exploring the world one step at a time. Think fabulous food at undiscovered gems, unique destinations, skin care obsessions and so much more. This is my life, I hope you enjoy the ride!
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